Our ambition is to increase productivity of employees with the use of smart tools. ‘Change’, however, is not easy. Download de PACE Whitepaper


We make the change easier for Office 365 and IBM Connections users. In practice, this means that we can help 84% of all users to work with a smile. Workshops


We help organisations with the dream, design, develop and delivery of Microsoft or IBM Collaboration software. 

Setting the PACE from Start to Finish

We pace organisations across EMEA on the journey of transforming into a collaborative business. Our PACE methodology has been proven across many client organisations and industries. Read more


PACE Experience Workshop – 4th of April 2018

We help Office 365 consultants with a more structured approach to manage change for the end users. Our PACE-methodology combined with the right content and expertise makes it easier to be a professional nowadays. In our PACE Experience workshop, we summarize the...

OCT 11: Microsoft Ignite comes to Rotterdam – 2017

IGNITE COMES TO YOU - 2017 EDITION TERUGBLIK EVENEMENT Eind september vond Microsoft Ignite plaats in Orlando, waarbij ons team weer prominent aanwezig was voor de laatste ontwikkelingen. We begrijpen echter dat niet iedereen daarbij aanwezig kon zijn. Om die reden...

Launch of the Collaborative Culture Assessment

The Launch of the Collaborative Culture Assessment After years of Research & Development Silverside is proud to launch the Collaborative Culture Assessment as the first module of PACE Online. Silverside is known for the PACE methodology to increase User Adoption...


Understanding Rogers Adoption Curve

Rogers Adoption Curve helps you understand your employees Rogers Adoption Curve shows how your employees typically adopt new technology in a different pace. Only a few people automatically start using a new collaboration platform (2,5%) just because it is...

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