Why We Exist

Our ambition is to increase productivity of employees with the use of smart tools. ‘Change’, however, is not easy. With our approach, we help organisations transform from an email culture towards a more collaborative organisation. Read more

How We Can Help

With our PACE method we make the change easier, more accessible and more fun. In practice, this means that we can help 84% of users in a way that creates a smile. We evaluate the culture of an organisation, make a plan for a period of 3 years, evaluate multiple learning styles and offer a project approach that is focused on a result within 3 months. Read more

What We Offer

What is our approach? We make a [P]lan for the change and take action in the [A]cquire phase to make it real with the latest IBM & Microsoft tools. Based on a sophisticated adoption strategy we motivate your people during the [C]hange phase and then provide ongoing support and improvement of the adoption of the platform during [E]nhance. Read more

Setting the PACE from Start to Finish

We pace organisations across EMEA on the journey of transforming into a collaborative business. Our PACE methodology has been proven across many client organisations and industries. Read more

We are Hiring!

We are expanding and are looking for candidates to join our winning team. Currently we are looking for:


10 email tips to claim back your day!

Is too much email ruining your life? Are you struggling with information overload? Are you not as productive as you would like to be? If the answer is ‘Yes!’ then perhaps you should try taming your email by using the tips for Microsoft Outlook or IBM Notes. To keep...

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Launch of the Collaborative Culture Assesment

Launch of the Collaborative Culture Assesment

Launch of the Collaborative Culture Assesment After years of Research & Development Silverside is proud to launch the Collaborative Culture Assessment as the first module of PACE Online. Silverside is known for the PACE methodology to increase User Adoption of...

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Since starting out in 1998, we have developed strategic partnerships with vendors around the world. We believe we don’t need to do it alone. Technology in the collaboration market is mature and a lot of challenges have been resolved with standardized and affordable solutions, so why not benefit from proven systems.