Zero Inbox: The dream of every manager now comes true with Microsoft Teams

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Zero Inbox: The dream of every manager now comes true with Microsoft Teams

Managers from all over the world, how many times have you dreamed of opening your e-mail box and find ZERO emails to read?

The productivity expert Merlin Mann sustains that Inbox Zero is not related to the number of messages in your inbox. However, it is “the amount of time an employee’s brain is in his inbox.” Since time is limited, when an inbox is confused, full of messages, reminders, with a huge “to do” list, productivity and efficiency instantly decrease.


What can you do to manage your email box better, reduce emails, and improve team productivity?

The answer is Microsoft Teams. It is a chat based digital workspace in office 365 and a hub for collaboration. It gives secure access to all the information your team needs to work together and collaborate (know more on Microsoft Teams by reading the article “Online team collaboration with Microsoft Teams“).

Microsoft Teams silverside

Teams isn’t going to reduce your workload, but it will certainly reduce your emails and enhance productivity and collaboration. Indeed, in Teams you have the possibility to create teams, actually groups of people around a specific topic or project. In your team, you can have and create different channels for different projects or topics. Here, you and your colleagues can have conversations, share files, comment, give feedback, co-edit documents, assign tasks to do to other people in the group. Whenever someone will @mention you in a conversation or comment, you will receive an email as notification, so that you will be always updated about what is happening in the group, even if you are not using the app. In this way, you can collaborate in just one workplace, share information, files and discuss simultaneously with your colleagues. Moreover, everything is searchable by the members of the teams, so if someone needs a file, he does not have to ask his colleague “can you please send me that file?” because everything is saved in the team, it is just there, you only have to type the name of the document in the search bar on the top of the screen.

Moving some of your conversations to Teams will reduce the time you spend triaging and responding to email, driving a more collaborative culture.


A practical example?

Imagine you create a Marketing Team in Microsoft Teams. You add your colleagues of the marketing department as members. You can then create different channels: one for the social media management, another for the marketing plan etc. In the channel, you can share files, plans, projects, word and excel files, presentations, ideas. Every time, everyone will see the docs and will be able to edit, give feedback, share new versions, express improvements, share their opinion, brainstorm and take decisions. Everything without having to send, respond or read any email.

In this way, you can forget about the old way of working, when you received piles of emails for every single project or even document; when, in order to discuss about an excel document, you had to send ten different email to your colleagues and team mates and then receive ten, twenty, thirty different answers and then answer back to everyone.

With Teams, you can actually save time and use your precious time better, reduce the emails in your email box, reduce the level of stress, enhance collaboration among your team, be more productive and efficient, take better decisions, faster. Teams is definitely the workspace of the future and it revolutionized the way of working and of collaborating in thousands of organizations all around the word.

Will you be part of the Team or will you stay chained to your emails?