Work more transparently using Microsoft Teams

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The ways organizations collaborate and communicate vary more than ever these days. The needs of employees working on projects and ad hoc teams are now very different than the capabilities provided through traditional collaboration platforms. The traditional way of working faded away and a new way of working has just begun. One of the main changes regards not only the way people in organization collaborate but also transparency. Indeed, evidence shows that companies and organizations gain huge benefits when employees are encouraged to work out loud and more transparently. Indeed, today companies have thousands of employees around the world to work together toward the same goal and that means, working transparently. In the past, talking with colleagues about the various projects they were involved in, collaborate on the same documents, give feedbacks, have brainstorming sessions was just more complicate and less transparent.

work more transparently

But today, transparency is required.  More and more companies are opening up and reveal more and more, but there is also a growing demand for transparency by customers.

In the end, transparency is about having no borders between people, when the goal is the same. In the workplace, people want to share information with each other, they want to have a place to go where to share documents and have others to participate in the discussions and get feedback on it, being more transparent and productive: “The more open we are the more beneficial it is for the company”. And companies that embrace transparency gain a competitive edge.

But how to work and collaborate more transparently every day in practice?

“With Microsoft Teams, we aspire to create a more open, digital environment that makes work visible, integrated and accessible-across the team- so everyone can stay in the know”

Kirk Koenigsbauer, Office Team Corporate VP, Microsoft

Microsoft Teams, which had been released in 2017 for every Office 365 and Enterprise subscription, is an ambitious bet that Microsoft can bridge existing ways of collaborating with more modern modes. Using Teams is an efficient and transparent method of working, communicating and collaborating for big or small project teams, but also entire departments. In a single platform and digital workspace, employees can chat, instead of emailing, but also collaborate in the teams and channels, so that all the documents could be co-authored and feedback can be send instantly. The opinions of everyone in the channel count and the outcomes are always visible, since everyone in the team can go through the conversations, files and comments.

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