Work less, do more by finding the right expertise

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If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself  said Henry Ford.  He was sure about the benefit of  collaboration.

Collaboration is an essential aspect in you daily life, both inside and outside your work environment. This working practise is about individuals working together to a common purpose to achieve business benefit. Collaboration makes cooperation an essential skill in most sectors of the work world.




What kind of benefits does collaboration bring to a company?

It motivates the whole organization to stay more focused on its goals. A study found that 97 percent of employees and executives say that collaboration directly impacts the outcome of a project.
Collaboration also gives the flexibility in terms of flexible working hours in and outside the office when you can generate some ideas. When people work in teams and collaborate with each other, they can share their ideas easier. They can communicate with colleagues and partners once they come up with a good idea. You don’t need to be in the office, you don’t even need to work on it alone. What is more, for a new employees it is easier to adapt in a new environment and learning is best achieved through collaboration.

To have a productive and effective collaboration we need  the right people. Hence, the right expertise must be found in different people. The core part of the organization success always hides in the ability to give tasks to the right people. There, the productivity scenario ”finding expertise ”comes in.
It is about finding the right person who has the right combination of abilities, knowledge and skills to do a particular task. When it comes to collaboration, the right person is the one who can help others the best, because he/she has the best combination of skills and knowledge on this topic.

How to know when to collaborate with whom to get the benefit?

Silverside offers some productivity scenarios that are applicable to your business. “Finding Expertise” scenario is about making your experience accessible to benefit yourself and others by maintaining an online profile of your expertise, knowledge, projects, education, and interests.
Identify other people with common interests, and learn from their experiences. Your up-to-date profile helps other people find you for new projects and assignments that will grow your career and also enhance organization’s productivity.

You can find more suggestions for productivity scenarios in the article Be Productive by Choosing Productivity Scenarios: the Efficiency of Collaborative Approach.