Why We Exist

Why We Exist

We Pace Champions in Business

Inspiring, equipping and motivating organisations to become collaborative businesses

From this intrinsic motivation we truly believe:

  • Leading organisations are outpacing rivals who are tied to old ways¬†of working. The race is to embrace the new way of working – which we call the transformation into a collaborative business.
  • In becoming a collaborative business, the right pace is essential throughout the¬†process.
  • Three elements are necessary – inspiring the vision (your WHY), motivating people to rethink their work (our HOW – work scenarios) and equipping them with new capabilities (the WHAT – IBM and Microsoft technologies).

Helping organisations in Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) pace their transformation into a collaborative business and win their race is why we are in business.

How We Can Help

As experts in the field of transforming organisations into collaborative businesses, we apply our analytic and diagnostic expertise and our consulting skills to identify the real drivers for becoming a collaborative business. We design a race plan for your organisation, taking into account the necessary gear, energy, and resources. Read more

What We Offer

What is our approach? We make a [P]lan for the change and take action in the [A]cquire phase to make it real with the latest IBM & Microsoft tools. Based on a sophisticated adoption strategy we motivate your people during the [C]hange phase and then provide ongoing support and improvement of the adoption of the platform during [E]nhance. Read more