Why online learning is the best solution for Office 365 training?

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Online learning is about learning by using technologies, and by learning this way there are certain things that we can do differently comparing to an offline learning environment. What are they?

1. Offline workshops and lectures require to be present for all participants at the certain time in the specific location. If a person cannot participate, he/she misses the training, hence this gap might bring some struggles for another upcoming session etc. Online learning gives the opportunity to follow learning sequences, because missed lecture can be watched another time.

2. Another advantage of online learning platforms is the option to pause, rewind, speed up. You are in control of the pace of the lesson. This leads to another plus, that I would call an ‘’instant feedback’’, in other words, you have a possibility to react immediately on the topic that you still do not understand.

3. Accessibility is another huge advantage of online learning. Any time, everywhere! Online courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to fit better with your busy schedule. Your learning place can be everywhere where you have an internet access and a computer or any other smart device. Hence, it reduces travel cost, going to onsite workshops.

4. Managing your learning topics. A participant usually has an option to select learning materials based on his or her preferences, knowledge and interests. This is possible with Quickhelp.


If you think that an online course will be easier than regular workshops… most probably it will not, however it will definitely give the opportunity to manage your time better, that is very important for business people in particular.

Business environment is constantly changing and people are forced to learn and adapt new ways of working. Hence, organizations are investing a lot of money to keep their employees up-to-date. If we are talking about a big organization with many employees (sometimes even worldwide) it is a big question how to manage the budget for training wisely.

As organizations want to educate their people they hire external or internal trainers for a training or workshop. However, we all know that hiring a professional costs a lot. Yet, you still need training… this is why a well organized online learning platform is the best solution to invest in.

In my last few blogs I already talked about QuickHelp – a learning platform for Office 365 users. If your are interested in learning tools for Office365 read my blogs The right approach: fix problems and learn at the same time with QuickHelp and Getting on-board quickly with QuickHelp where I present and explain more about QuickHelp.