When Community Types Intersect

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Office 365 offers a broad selection of tools for getting work done, and several of the tools provide different ways of achieving the same goal. Same but different. Different but the same. This can cause confusion without appropriate guidance, which is why we created the Silverside Collaboration Framework. 

Our ebook offers a differentiation between four types of communities – community of practice, project community, team community, and community of interest. At 10,000 feet all of these can look the same, but going down to ground level shows there are differences that can be better aligned with one type of tool in Office 365 than another.

And then there’s the situation that two types of communities overlap, or that two have an interactional pathway between them. Such would be the case when a project community intersects with a community of interest. The community of interest facilitates the wide-scale conversation and interaction with serendipity across the organisation, while the project community does the planning and internal behind-the-scenes interaction work to keep the community of interest running. In the real world, this is a common situation – a smaller group has to coordinate among themselves and then also with a wider group. Issues that the wider group ask about or seek input on may need to be discussed among the smaller group before offering a shared answer to the wider group.

Yammer for collaboration

To this end, Microsoft recently released an integration between Microsoft Teams and Yammer, where a Yammer group or topic feed can be displayed on a tab in a channel in Microsoft Teams. The project community does its behind-the-scenes work in Microsoft Teams, while the wider community of interest uses Yammer to meet, interact, and share resources. For organisations using both of these tools in Office 365, having integration options is a good move.

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