What’s new in Outlook? May 2018 Updates

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With the frequency of updates to Microsoft Outlook in Office 365, both long-time users and newbies receive new capabilities on a regular basis. In this blog post I want to look at two new additions in May 2018: Read Aloud and enhancements to the Bcc capability.

Option to listen to your emails instead of reading is another new functionality in Microsoft Outlook 

If you are an Office insider, you can enable this feature in your Microsoft Outlook by clicking File then Options, then Ease of Access and put a tick on a section Show read aloud and this option will appear in your home ribbon.


Alert selecting ‘’Reply to all’’ when you are in Bcc

When you are creating an email you decide who is the main recipient (To:) and who needs to be in Cc (if it is necessary).
There is also a third control called Bcc. Both the Cc and Bcc abbreviation stands for carbon and blind carbon copies. You can use both in Microsoft Outlook, but before doing so effectively, you need to have some specialized knowledge.
In May 2018 Microsoft presented a novelty: Outlook will alert you with a message ” Your address was hidden when this message was sent. If you select Reply All, everyone will know you received it”.

The message window doesn’t display the Bcc control, but it’s easy to add. Open a new blank for an email, go to Options and click Bcc option in the Show Fields.



Once the Bcc control is displayed, simply add contacts to it as you would the To and Cc controls. Bcc is optional.
Once you add this line, it’ll be available for all new messages until you click the option to disable it.

Who sees what?

Contacts in the To and Cc control will not see contacts entered into the Bcc control. But, the Bcc recipient sees everyone, except other Bcc contacts. The only person who can see Bcc recipients is the sender. If you open the message in your Sent folder, you will see everyone you sent the message to, including the Bcc contacts. When the To and CC contacts respond to the message by clicking Reply To All, the person in Bcc will not be included. It means that you can share information with those who need it but who are not interested in any follow-up discussion.

Where does the novelty come in?

If you click Reply To All, the To and Cc contacts will see your response. As a Bcc recipient, you or the sender might want to keep your participation quiet. So from  May 2018 onwards Microsoft Outlook will give you an alert after you selected Reply to all. This helps to ensure you don’t accidentally reveal that you received an original message. And safe the sender from an unpleasant situation with other recipients.

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