What We Offer

We pace organisations across EMEA in their journey of transforming into a collaborative business. Our PACE methodology has been proven across many client organisations and industries.


We start with a consultancy-led engagement to understand your organisation and define the opportunity for becoming a collaborative business. Our consultants work with your key stakeholders, using assessments, interviews, workshops, company-wide surveys and illustrative work scenarios to define the vision. Once the vision is right, we design a well-balanced 3-year goal/3-month race plan for achieving the vision. Read more



We acquire the new collaboration gear and resources required to execute the race plan. The new gear usually entails new technology to support collaborative working strategies. The resources include the business framework for becoming a collaborative business, and an adoption strategy to instill change and transformation across your organisation. Read more



Executing the adoption strategy designed during the Acquire phase; we inspire, equip and motivate your people to embrace the transformation journey in their sphere of work. Our Change phase is based on a mix of successful international concepts and methodologies, combined to drive sustained transformation of how people work together in the newly emerging collaborative business. Read more


With your journey to a collaborative business underway, the Enhance phase of our PACE methodology focuses on helping your organisation and people to optimise the value derived during the journey. We proactively address key challenges that threaten the integrity of the journey. We also ensure ongoing alignment with the required business outcomes as conditions change along the journey. Read more



We have the capability to deliver the complete PACE methodology for organisations across EMEA. For other regions, we can collaborate with your local business partners. For example, we can partner with your local technical business partner and concentrate our contributions in the Change and Enhance phases of the PACE methodology, building on the work done by your local trusted technical partner in the Plan and Acquire phases.