What If (Part 1)

by | Sep 7, 2018 | PACE approach


Part 1. What If?

Once upon a time there was a person with an idea; whether the person was a male or female didn’t matter for the sake of this story, but the idea mattered a lot. Their idea was based on an observation: that the way work was done at their firm – the practices embraced, the tools used, the work flow followed – was getting old and outdated. New innovations were being implemented by peer firms and competitors alike, often with headline-grabbing results. These others were being heralded as market leaders and innovators, which was having a very positive effect on the type of client projects they were winning. And this was changing their fortunes, for the better. Classier ads. New buildings. An increased ability to attract new talent. An uplift in culture and morale.

However, while the modernisation at other places was having a positive effect, the lack of modernisation at their firm was carrying a negative set of consequences. A reduced reputation as a market leader. Fewer interesting client projects. Dwindling finances. A reduced ability to attract top talent; more often the talent that would have come in days gone by were now being hired by the more innovative peers and competitors. Clearly, this set of negatives was having a flow-on negative effect on the morale of current staff. It wasn’t a pretty picture.

Which brings us to their idea, which could also be stated as a question: What if a journey of modernisation was begun at their firm? What if the widely available changes in mindset and toolset that were having a dramatic effect for peers and competitors could be embraced at their place?

What if indeed.

To be continued …

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