We believe in the future with Microsoft Teams

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In July we invited our friends, partners, and colleagues for two exclusive Office 365 workshops: “Collaborate as a Team” and “Co-authoring documents“. From our long experience of working with our customers, we see that most companies are struggling with the adoption of new technologies and new ways of working. Since many organizations are migrating to Office 365 products we see that IT department still has questions about the real effective use of Office 365.
Hence, two Mondays in a row we gathered at Silverside office in Rotterdam to meet each other and explore the new ways of collaborating together.

Workshops encourage us to rethink the way we see a collaboration: how do we work now and how we should work in a new way. People were asked how many emails they receive per day… the big majority of attendees were complaining about the big amount of emails in their inbox. The biggest confusion comes when a team is working together on the same document and emails are used to communicate. What happens then? Many versions with different names are created. This brings the confusion which version is the final one… ‘’final_version_v1’’, ‘’Final_version(final) ‘’ does this look familiar? We think it does…so better collaboration is more than needed!

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The future with Microsoft Teams!

Talking about better and more effective collaboration, Silverside encourages employees to change their mindset from ‘’send to’’ to ‘’share with’’ while working in teams. Because collaboration is more than sharing files, and technology comes to help.
Microsoft offers an effective tool to improve collaboration, productivity, and accessibility among employees, regardless of their location: Microsoft Teams. This tool helps for better team-work so all employees in the company can share and access content, work together at the same time on documents, have conversations, meetings in one virtual workplace.

As Microsoft said: “We built Microsoft Teams because we see both tremendous opportunity and tremendous change in how people and teams get work done. Teams are now more agile and organizational structures more flat to keep communications and information flowing”.


Hence, during our workshops, our senior change consultant Sasja Beerendonk presented how Microsoft Teams became a great, handy and open digital environment that makes work easier.

Today there is no more space for thousands of emails and time-consuming meetings. This is just the past. The future is looking at doing more things in less time, by using new technologies and tools. And Silverside is trying to spread the new way of working with Teams. The two workshops we organized have been exciting events for us.
But what did our participants thought? Here below we selected some hot comments:

‘’It was a great opportunity to explore Microsoft Teams environment from a different perspective.’’ Jovita Elzbutaite, SharePoint developer

Amazed by the possibilities that Microsoft Teams offers and all the functionalities to collaborate.” Camille Janszen, Office 365 consultant

Both workshops were very valuable, we liked the good combination of theory and practice.” Monique van Kersbergen and Chandenie Ramlal,office manager and management assistant

I really appreciated the time dedicated to question and personal attention.” Jan van Vledder, senior training consultant