Unpacking People (Part 4)

by | Sep 13, 2018 | PACE approach

Part 1. What If

Part 2. Magic and Modernisation

Part 3. People and Technology

Part 4. Unpacking People

It was a few days before Jon could pull out that slightly less new journal again. There was much happening at work and home, and carving out time to think was often a challenge. But the train was good. As was the local park during the lunch break. And at a local coffee shop too, and that’s where Jon had set up this afternoon.

Jon kept coming back to those two mega-words on the first page of the journal – “people” and “technology.” While there was everything right and correct with both as having a huge impact on the journey of modernisation, they were too high-level to be meaningful. What aspects of the “people” side had to be explored? Likewise, what aspects of the “technology” side had to be understood?

As the smell of fresh coffee wafted through the shop, Jon looked at the first word – people – and quickly drew several lines coming off the word. Jon wrote an idea at the end of each line – knowing the ideas didn’t have to be right immediately, but could be useful and insightful.

People. Who are the kinds of people we have at our firm?

People. What are the job roles that people do at our firm?

People. What are the challenges our people face in doing their work today?

People. Locations and mobility. Where do our people work from? How frequently are people working on the move?

People. Approach toward change / progress / improvement / modernisation. Who is pushing to get better? Who is holding back?

People. How do our people relate to each other? How well do our people work together? What commonalities unite us?

People. Who else is ready for a change in how we work together? Who else is supportive and willing to champion for the modernisation journey?

Jon’s watch sounded an alert: the planning board meeting started in 15 minutes. Jon shut the journal, pocketed the pen, and picking up all the gear, walked out.

People. There was a lot more to this word than first met the eye.

Next time – technology.

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