Trim Tab Strategies for a Better You

by | Jan 25, 2019 | PACE approach

Yesterday I wrote about trim tab strategies for the user adoption journey, and there are definitely some seemingly small and inconsequential strategies that can create out-sized results in that journey. If you haven’t grabbed that blog post yet, please check it out if interested.

Trim Tab Strategies – for You

As I was formulating that blog post in my head a few days ago, I started to think about how the trim tab principle could be used in all sorts of different places. Yes, there’s a good place in user adoption, but the principle applies more broadly to life too.

Here’s some examples I thought of:

You need to take some papers / items / stuff to the office tomorrow. What do you do since the morning routine can be hectic? Stick it in front of the door so you’ll (figuratively please) trip over it as you leave in the morning to catch the train. Or if you take your car to work, put it in your car immediately. Trim tab. 

You want to talk more with family members at the meal table at night, an idea that’s been linked to healthy relationships. What do you do? Introduce a no phones at the table rule. Trim tab.

The meetings you attend always go overtime, are poorly run, and have too little focus. While you should definitely check out our strategic guidance on smarter meetings, the trim tab strategy is to request an agenda before the meeting. No agenda, no go.

You want to lose weight and keep it off. Some of my friends have walked this journey, and the trim tab strategy is to publish your current weight every week to Twitter, your health blog, or your Facebook page. No excuses. Another friend said it was deliberately closing the three rings on his Apple Watch every day that started the process of better health and wellness. 

You want to have some money in reserve for emergency expenses, a holiday in a year’s time, or to build up a nest egg to invest. Trim tab it. Start putting 1%, or 2% or 5% of every pay check into a savings account as the first action once getting paid. Make it a habit, learn to live on less, and … something great slowly starts to happen. 

You want to write a book. Write 400 words everyday. In a year of week days, you’ll have over 100,000 words. That’s more than enough for one book, and probably good enough for two of them. Trim tab.

You want to consistently get up and go for a run every morning before heading out to work. Arrange to meet a running buddy at the designated time. Trim tab.

Trim Tab It

What’s one of the challenges you’re facing at the moment? How could you trim tab it? Tell me on Twitter, using #trimtab as the hashtag.  

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