The successful key to learn how to use Office 365

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Silverside is proud to be the first company based in The Netherlands to collaborate with BrainStorm, providing our customers with a great tool: QuickHelp. The BrainStorm QuickHelp™ Program is a project created to help end users, all levels employees and also managers to be more satisfied and efficient while using technologies.

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By subscribing to the QuickHelp program, customers will receive company-wide access to the QuickHelp platform. This inspires the whole organization to achieve the maximum productivity, by engaging users and improving user adoption and learning.
Quickhelp is a cloud based training solution for Office365 users, that is accessible anywhere at any time. This platform provides a lot of information that is useful for all end-users (from a non-advanced user to a very advanced user.) The majority of content is in videos, that are shot (from 1 to 4 minutes) and very concentrate. It also gives the opportunity to sign up for ‘’events’’, webinars with Microsoft certificated trainers where participants can ask questions online.

In our practice, we receive questions like: Is QuickHelp comparable to LMS (Learning Management System)?

LMS is a software program that allows internal instructors to create by themselves online courses and training. Along with creating, managing and delivering courses to their learners, instructors can track their progress by accessing the reports and statistics that LMS software provides.

In order to create an online learning environment, instructors need to upload all the courses and training materials such as videos, presentations, PDF etc. Organizations need to create and manage the content themselves, put the relevant one, delete older information and keep everything updated.


Quick help stands out as being a part of Office 365, and always provides updated and relevant content. This platform, as ‘’final product’’ gives you always available content that is:

  • personalized,
  • relevant
  • timely.

In this way, managers do not need to create the content by themselves, but they have everything ready for a successful learning process applicable to all end users.

Let’s take a look at how QuickHelp achieves all these points:

Personalized content is a key to user adoption. Let’s remember when we were sitting in a meeting room with your other colleges and the trainer kept on talking about the topic and you had a question on your head ‘’ when I will use this information? This is so irrelevant to me.’’ So QuickHelp aims at eliminating inapplicable, irreverent content.
With this platform users are able to reach the information they need based on their previous knowledge, preferences and  role in the company. Silverside-zeroinbox

Why is a customer platform so important? It allows to give relevant content to the users. For example, the company accountant should probably know not only the basics of Excel but also tips and tricks that can save him time. But most probably, he doesn’t know how to create a perfect PowerPoint presentation. This is a great example of how important is to give to the users relevant and personalized content. By creating customer learning paths in QuickHelp, users are able to use the things that they learned right away.

Why is that so important to have timely content? An employee is always focused on his role in the organization and the work that must be done. As the result, the usage of every tool is not a priority. However, an employee needs to receive help when he encounters a problem or has a specific question about the tool.
Moreover, any employee wants to sit in a workshop for long hours, waiting for the information he wants to know. This is why the videos in QuickHelp are short, straight to the point and focused on specific tasks within the application. This platform gives its users content that is available 24/7, whenever they want. By taking 5 minutes everyday users can become Office 365 masters. At Silverside we see amazing results and so our customers.

Join us at our FREE workshop “Office 365 training: 5 min per day to increase user adoption” where our experts will present the changes in the IT world, the changing role of the IT support desk and will introduce the new approach ‘’ fix problems and learn at the same time’’ with QuickHelp.