The Silverside shop just landed on our website

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The Silverside Shop just landed on our website!

We’re proud to announce a new entry in our Silverside website. We’ve created our online shop! The Silverside Shop is the place where to get the latest products and content to make change easier and increase the user adoption of your Microsoft Office 365 or IBM Connections environment. Indeed, all our knowledge, the expertise of our consultants and our great experience is stored in one single place. Content, materials, and workshops are directly available for everyone with just one click.


The idea behind it

The idea of creating our own e-shop originated from a necessity. How can we make sure that our customers are updated constantly on all the content, offerings, products, knowledge and experiences we can offer them? How can we help them in easily find the solutions to their issues? How can we provide ready-to-use specific content and support to everyone addressing the same challenges with change management, user adoption with Office 365 and IBM Connections?

An online content shop 24/7 available is the best solution to all these needs.

silverside shop


What can you find in the Silverside Shop?

Literally everything:

  • Products whitepapers: summary of management theories, customer experiences, consult with the authors;
  • Books;
  • Ebooks;
  • Working Materials;
  • Workshops, training, webinars;
  • Free previews.

silverside shop


Which topics are addressed by our products?

We are the experts on productivity, change management and user adoption strategy for Microsoft Office 365 and IBM Connections. Everything we know is embedded in our products that you can find in the e-shop. For example, the series of our productivity scenarios is already there to help you run projects more effectively, do meetings in a smarter way, onboard new employees in an efficient way and profiling and finding expertise with the right strategy. Everything we do is to make change easier for you, even in the payment and delivery: you can pay with credit card or PayPal and all materials are delivered by email via PACE online.

Our work never stops and we’re always working on the new content for you! The Silverside Shop is the right place to find solutions to the issues in your organization, and is always updated! Consult and check our shop. Find the support you need to make change easier!