The right approach: fix problems and learn at the same time with QuickHelp

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IT managers, how many calls and emails for IT support do you receive every day? What do employees do at work when they don’t know how to solve the problem with a tool? In a working environment people are encouraged to collaborate more and so Microsoft provided many apps for a better and more effective collaboration. However, sometimes employees can get lost in this variety of apps and their functionalities. What is more, people don’t know what they don’t know. In other words, there are many great functionalities that can help to work easier and solve the problem without constantly asking your IT support desk for help.


This cause additional problems for business and raise questions on how to deal with a big amount of requests for IT support. How to educate people to use existing tools in a more efficient way?

There are some possibilities to improve the quality of IT support. Traditional training methods can be useful, yet very expensive.
To invite a trainer in the company requires a lot of money and time (salary, travel expenses, hotel etc). Another challenge is that the trainer can only teach as fast as the least advanced person in the workshop, to make sure all people can follow. What is more, all participants have to attend the training, otherwise information gaps can happen. This can prevent people not present in the meeting to fully understand the topic in depth. Or the trainer has to explain it ones again.
According to some research working professionals apply only about 15% of what they learn in many corporate training and development programs in many cases. This clearly shows that people tend to forget what they have learned so it means after some time the training needs to be repeated to maintain the knowledge.

Another option to educate employees is to send them to a workshop at external training companies. However, this is also time consuming and expensive for the organization, requiring anyway follow up actions to maintain the knowledge.
Another possibility is to ask for a help within your company. This option is definitely less expensive, however, is quite tricky. Normally people do not know what they do not know… and if they do know what they need to ask they need to know who is the right person with the knowledge and skills on this particular topic. And of course, the ‘’ right person’’ needs to make some extra time to help you. What you can always do is send an email or call your IT support desk, but since your question, in most of the cases, is not an emergency it will take some time to receive an answer…. You know it right?

It is not about learning… it is about fixing problems and this is not the right approach.

The majority of cases listed above is applicable in the situation when the employee encounters a problem. It means that people are looking for an answer only when something doesn’t work. This behaviour doesn’t encourage people to explore the tools and use new functionalities.

How to go from fixing a problem to learning and growing your knowledge? Wouldn’t be great to quickly get the answer by yourself?
A lot of businesses use Office365 products but as it was mentioned before people are armed with some many apps that they are lost in possibilities. It is said that regular users use only 10 to 20 % of features. However, if people spend some time practicing more with the tools, this makes a sudden change in productivity in their daily working life.

QuickHelp: find answers and learn.

Quickhelp is a cloud based training solution for Office365 users, that is accessible anywhere at any time. This platform provides a lot of information that is useful for all end-users (from a non-advanced user to a very advanced user.) The majority of content is in videos, that are shot (from1 tom4 minutes) and very concentrate. It also gives opportunities to sign up for ‘’events’’, webinars with Microsoft certificated trainers where participates can ask questions online. In the article Getting on-board quickly with QuickHelp I presented what this learning tool offers for its users.

By using QuickHelp all employees have a guidance to follow, it offers a personalized account, so every user has a unique account where he/she can select learning videos based on their preferences regarding Office 365 apps. This learning platform provides up-to-date information so an advanced user can find new topics, meantime a beginner can follow the full program on a certain topic without having any information gaps. The most important, all information is accessible at any time and it’s simple to use.