T-Bot: How to help users with Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is a hub in Office 365 for teamwork that empowers people to communicate and collaborate in one single place. Millions of people nowadays, all over the world are using Teams as a crucial tool in their workplace.  Due to its wide use, many Teams users experience various difficulties while using the tools, have different questions, ask for different functionalities, face divergent issues.

In order to help users to use correctly Microsoft Teams and answering to their questions, Microsoft Teams provide users with T-Bot.

T-Bot- silversideMicrosoft Teams T-Bot chat

T-Bot is a web robot which users can interact with to ask questions about how to use Microsoft Teams, about tasks, features, items, issues, functionalities, instructions, tips. Thanks to T-Bot, users can get answers and help for a wide range of issues. Moreover, T-Bot uses a natural language, just like humans do, and it is available in many languages as well.

In other words, T-Bot is Microsoft Teams’ guide and assistant. Users are able to speak to the bot on desktop by chatting, but they can also find a FAQ section and video tutorials, so that they can choose their favourite way to get help.

FAQs T-Bot-SilversideMicrosoft Teams T-Bot FAQs


Video T-Bot-SilversideMicrosoft Teams T-Bot Video Tutorials

This allows users to get, almost instantly, the best possible answers based on the content of the questions. There is also a built in feedback system, in order to know when an answer is good or not related to the question asked. This enables T-Bot becoming better and better in responding to users’ needs, improving the service over time.

T-Bot is without any doubts  a very useful and helpful tool for end-users in their daily practice with Microsoft Teams. However, to which extent can T-Bot really improve end-user adoption among employees?