Once Upon a Time … The Story Begins

by | Jun 22, 2018 | PACE approach

“Once upon a time” begins many a good story. Although and however, a good story doesn’t mean everything goes great along the arc of the story’s journey. It can mean it is “good” as in worthwhile. It can mean “good” as in the story captures your attention, wins your heartbeat, and takes your breath away. Or it can mean “good” in that something wonderful happens after darkness, doubt, and hard places.

I want to tell you something of the Silverside story, or the unwritten history as one of our web pages puts it. Of course I can only tell you the part of the story up to when I’m writing it, because beyond a certain point it stops being a story about what has been and becomes a story of what is and what we hope it to be. Of dreams as yet unrealised. Of hopes being fashioned in hard places. Of worthwhile outcomes that take much longer to achieve than anyone expected, and yet we keep running towards what we see.

Our story is just like everyone else’s story – hopes, dreams, ambition, work mixed with challenge and difficulty. But while true, at that high level, it’s not very captivating! The details would help, the specifics would inform, the nuance would enlighten.

But where to start this epic adventure? This is the great question of all stories, and as the storyteller, I’m going to choose the place were it began for me. It was a fake beach. At a beautiful hotel resort. On a Monday or Tuesday evening. Early in the year of 2013. In a foreign land for all involved. One of the readers of my book Collaboration Roadmap introduced me to her boss. There was an expression of interest in working together. There was an initial idea about what that might look like. There was even an agreement on what to do next. In a conversation that lasted about seven minutes.

The rest, as they say, is history.