“Towards an enhanced learning experience”

User adoption, change management and training are very complex topics. To become real experts, a long-term experience is needed for professionals. How do user adoption trainers and change managers face these issues in the real life? To answer this question, we interviewed Jan van Vledder, a training consultant with over 25 years of experience in training, change management, and user adoption fields.

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Use your email to stand out from the crowd ! Crossware reference story

Emails may be considered old fashioned, but in reality, they’re still the most widely used and successful marketing channel. Email marketing today recognizes the value of building your brand – emails should share your company branding, look consistent, be personalized, and display equally well on every device (mobile especially, since everyone is checking their inboxes on their phone). At the Engage event that took place in Rotterdam on May 2018, I had the pleasure of interviewing Amanda Abbitt, Sales Support Manager for EMEA at Crossware, an international leader in company email signature management. Crossware’s flagship product, Crossware Mail Signature, gives users complete control over their company email signatures.

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Office 365 client use case: Product Launch Process

The Product Launch Process is the business process that supports the bringing to the EMEA market of newly developed products. Therefore the Product Launch Process (PLP) manages new product and service launches. Because the PLP has to ensure a timely product launch, the product launch process is a controlled, flexible and supportive process.

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