SharePoint Conference 2019 – Coming in May

by | Feb 5, 2019 | Office 365 news

The SharePoint Conference 2019 is happening in May in Las Vegas, and while it’s called the “SharePoint” Conference, a look at the actual session content means the name doesn’t fully reflect the breadth and depth of topics to be covered. With all that Microsoft has done to SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016/2019 over the past couple of years, plus the wider innovation in the Office 365 stack of communication and collaboration capabilities, at some point the “SharePoint” name will need to be dropped for something broader. But in 2019, it’s still the “SharePoint Conference,” and by the looks of it, it will be an incredible event once again.

There’s something like 200 sessions scheduled for this year’s conference – covering the gamut of SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Office, and Yammer, along with themes such as change management and user adoption, governance, productivity, knowledge management, and more.

Just Five Sessions

In browsing the session catalog, here’s just five of the sessions I’d be attending if I was at the conference:

1. Achieve Your Knowledge Management Goals with Office 365, with Susan Hanley. “Creating value from knowledge management initiatives depends entirely on user adoption and changing behavior. Real knowledge sharing requires cultural change that can be catalyzed by engagement and great technology. This session explores how Office 365 can help enable your knowledge management objectives by looking at key capabilities and how they support KM outcomes. Learn what is possible and practical and explore strategies to ensure that you are successful.”

2. Adoption and Usage Best Practices for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, with Karuana Gatimu. “Microsoft Teams and SharePoint are #BetterTogether and can transform the employee experience. Learn from Karuana Gatimu, Customer Advocacy and Adoption Group lead for Microsoft Teams, the best practices for deployment and adoption of these powerful solutions. Microsoft’s newly enhanced service adoption framework and tools will simplify your approach to assessing organization readiness, driving successful early adopter and pilot programs, ensuring technical readiness and creating a streamlined approach to awareness and training. Leave with a toolkit that will empower the improvement of your employee experience.”

3. Best in Class Security and Compliance with SharePoint and OneDrive, with Bill Baer and Navjot Virk. “Explore the core tenets of platform security, secure access and sharing, awareness and insights, information governance, and compliance and trust in SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft 365.”

4. Building Employee Engagement with Microsoft 365 – 5 Strategies for a Collaborative Corporate Culture, with Jill Hannemann. “New innovations in SharePoint and Microsoft 365 have made different forms of communication and knowledge sharing even easier to use and meet business needs. This session will look at how Microsoft 365’s vision, knowledge, and services are being used to enable process improvement by bringing core values to the forefront of everyday work. Case studies will be shared where these innovations are making an impact and how these organizations leveraged Microsoft 365 to influence employee engagement.”

5. How to Adopt SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams, with Wes Hackett and Suzy Dean. “With so many great capabilities available out of the box, productivity owners are no longer asking what do we need to build?’ but how can we accelerate business performance out of the box?’ This session will provide a method for moving employees from email and file share to SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams. This session will share common challenges and how to deal with them, as well as busting some common adoption myths.”

And that’s just five of them. It will be interesting to see how aligned the adoption guidance is between the various sessions.

Sound like something you could benefit from? Registration is open.