IBM a hardware powerhouse? Yes, a very long time ago. IBM moved to the social and cognitive era with force. IBM Connections, IBM Watson, IBM Verse and so much more to discover. We are a IBM Premier business partner since 1998. We took part in many BETA programs in the field of Document Management and Enterprise Social, wrote a Redbook with IBM and we have an IBM Champion in our midst. We are committed to work with IBM now and in the future, because they build great innovative solutions in collaboration with their partners and customers.

We have around 120 IBM customers such as Apollo Vredestein, SES, Chemgas Shipping, Goudappel, MCB, Kawasaki, Nederlandse Waterschapsbank, Stichting Kerkelijk Geldbeheer, BOAL Group and many more.


IBM Connections is a leading business social network platform that helps you get work done. Using this platform, you can confidently share knowledge beyond traditional organisational boundaries. Connections can help you improve decision-making, increase productivity and accelerate time to market on a platform that is delivered on-premises or cloud.


IBM Verse is a powerful email solution that enables users to access their business communications from any device. This email and business messaging experience is based on an innovative user-centric design, including social analytics and advanced search capabilities.

Watson Explorer

IBM Watson Explorer is a technology platform that accesses and analyzes structured and unstructured content. Explorer presents data, analytics and cognitive insights in a single view. Explorer gives you the information you’re looking for while uncovering trends, patterns and relationships.