Smarter Collaboration (on Files) is Urgently Required

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When we share files or work together with several people on files; e-mail and file shares are still used extensively. Yet, this is not a very effective or efficient way of working together.  E-mail and file shares are not really designed for effective collaboration and knowledge sharing. Leaving us with huge e-mail trees, branching out endlessly and impossible to track. File shares offer a poor view of documents versions, with limited flexibility for sharing your documents with colleagues. We lose track of the latest document version, and we have fragmented conversations about documents in our e-mail.


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In this series of articles, we will explain why the days of sending attachments in an e-mail are numbered. Starting today, we will help you to never again send a document that is saved to a file share to any of your colleagues. So that you no longer need to struggle with combining versions (or actually copies), coordinating the changes, tracking who has done what, and finding the most recent and updated version.  But we’re also going to help you to not just copy your files to Office 365, but to choose a different approach where you can really get the most out of what Office 365 has to offer. 

Soon available in this series: 

1. What does not work with fileshares and e-mail?
2. Smarter collaboration on files with Office 365
3. Thinking about fileshares with the Silverside Collaboration Framework
4. You can also share e-mails