Small steps for big changes: Tiny habit huge advantage

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“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out,” says the American writer Robert Collier. However, that is much easier said than done. We all wonder how to be more productive in our daily life as well as at work. Also, how to do things that we know we need to do, but for some reason you do not do… Does it sound familiar?  Maybe this Tiny Habit method might work for you… at least try it!

Tiny Habit is a simple method for changing a behavior created by Dr. BJ Fogg that requires only few small conditions: do it at least once per day and spend not less than 30 seconds. What are the principles of this method?

1. Choose a good time


To form your new habit, you need to set an exact time when you will do the concrete action. The best way is to use a habit that you already have to create a new one. But keep it simple. The methodology suggests to use the following formula:  After I [a habit you already have], I will perform my Tiny Habit.

For example: After I brush my teeth in the morning (that’s the habit I already have), I will perform my Tiny Habit.

2. Choose the habit you want to acquire


Pick one activity that you think you should incorporate in your daily life. It can be anything you find important. Texting your mom? Checking your LinkedIn profile? Reading an inspiring sentence?

The example: “After I sit down on the train, I will open my sketch notebook.”

Want to make it more corporate?

’’After I start my computer, I will check my to-do list”. Or ‘’after I come back from lunch, I will apply my status on Skype.’’

3.Evaluate the success


Evaluate the advantage of this action. You spent 30 seconds doing something that has a meaning for your daily life and has a positive impact.  30 seconds is not too much… right?

4. Celebrate success


The stronger the positive emotion you feel after your Tiny Habit, the faster it will become automatic in your life. Every time you have done your Tiny Habit, you are celebrating your victory. Hence, it is important that your Tiny Habit is followed by a good feeling. Celebrating can be done by doing something physical, calling on something or rewarding yourself. By celebrating your success, your brain connects between what you have done and a good feeling. Therefore, you will want to do it again!

5. Choose the reward


The reward you receive should be quick and direct, it can be either emotional, physical or social. It can be anything that makes you feel good. For example, a good reward can be listening to a song you love or writing your own diary. Maybe eating something very tasty… how about that?

Give a try this tiny habit trick!