Sleepless in Seattle, Sydney and Stockholm

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If you can’t travel to a conference this year and sleeping isn’t your thing, on February 26-27 the Digital Workplace Group have a 24 hour long extravaganza of digital workplace goodness ready for you. Hosts and guests from around the world will present a continuous broadcast for a full day of the digital workplaces from leading organizations, plus guest interviews and thought leadership spotlights. While you don’t have to pay for travel and accommodation for this conference, there is still a cost associated with attending, and you have the option of also getting the recordings to watch / listen to / learn from after the event has finished.

Case Studies and Thought Leaders

Here’s a couple of things to note:

1. The case studies are intended to include core principles of approach and success, plus a live demo of the digital workplace at the organisation in question. Attending gives an opportunity for you to see something that’s very hard to see under normal conditions. Seeing what others are doing offers a great opportunity to learn and be inspired about what you could do at your organisation. What you do is likely to be different – in line with the needs, culture and work situations at your firm – but the process of turning imagination into a reality benefits from seeing what’s possible and what’s been done elsewhere. Case study presentations are on offer from Volvo, Philips, Finnair, the University of Leicester, and more.

2. The studio guests not from case study organisations will be talking about themes and recurrent patterns of approach and success. As above, it can be hard to line up an insight session with futurists, analysts and thought leaders from around the world, and this 24 hour extravaganza brings many into a single event stream. Studio guests offering insights and expertise include George Muir, Dion Hinchcliffe, Stan Garfield and James Dellow, among others.

DW24 – Coming Soon

The Digital Workplace Group have been running these events for several years. The 2019 edition starts 10am London time on February 26, and ends 24 hours later.

And if sleep is your thing, then tune in and tune out on demand. Or watch the recordings at your leisure.

For more details, please check out the DW24 event page.