Productive meeting tips: It's not about Skype

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Productive meeting tips: It’s not about Skype

Most companies have been doing online meetings for quite a while now. Yet, a lot of employees still seem to struggle with having productive meetings. We have all been in a meeting where all kinds of things go wrong. Sometimes technical issues, sometimes just not being prepared.

Recognise this?

Ofcourse, when technology is failing you, there is not much you can do. But there are a lot things we’ve just seen that can easily be changed.


Smarter meetings


Productive meeting tip: It’s about behavior first

I think the key is to not just introduce a conferencing application. That is just step one. But then it comes down to user adoption. Yes, you need to teach people about the features and functionalities of apps like Skype for Business. But what if we are not talking about using Skype for Business, but we talk about Smarter Meetings instead?

We apply technology and tools to a work scenario and also address behaviour and culture. So when we talk about meetings, we are not just talking about using technology for voice and video. We take on the whole process for meetings: before, during, and after.

So we need to improve collaboration in all 3 steps to make meeting matter.

Where and how do we share the agenda? Still in an old-fashioned Word document, or can we do this differently, smarter? How will you inform participants about the agenda, location and meeting files? Do people have enough time to read files before the meeting? How will we write down meeting minutes and action items so that everybody knows what they need to do?

And should we do it the same way for all types of meetings? Or can we organise, structure and follow-up in different ways?

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