Congres Intranet 2018

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This tenth edition of Congres Intranet 2018 is the day where the intranet, social media and the digital workplace come to the centre of attention.

When: March 22, 2018
Where: Jaarbeurs Utrecht, MediaPlaza 2.0

You can still register via this link!

In collaboration with Beezy, we are main sponsor of the event this year. In addition, Roland Driesen is responsible for the following session:

PACE Method for the new digital workplace of Flanderijn

Flanderijn is one of the largest existing debt collection and bailiff organizations in the Netherlands and has a national network with fourteen offices. More than 600 employees represent clients’ interests on a national, regional and international level. To support cooperation and communication, a new digital workplace has been introduced: Floor.

The biggest challenge in such environment is the balance between top-down communication (what you need to know) and bottom-up co-creation (the one you want to contribute to). The tension between direct result (within 3 months) and long-term manageability (over 3 years) also plays an important role here.

What if we can allow these forces to reinforce each other, instead of being counter-productive? With a mix of communities of practice, team communities, communities of interest and project communities, a balanced environment and the rules of the game (governance), are easily and unambiguously tuned.

In this session Roland Driesen gives a practical introduction to the used PACE method and how the collaboration framework at Flanderijn is used for the implementation of the new digital workplace, based on Microsoft Office 365 and Beezy.