Onboarding New Employees scenario - Principle whitepaper & Consult

Onboarding is a structured process to get a new employee up-to-speed effectively when joining the organisation or moving to a new internal job role. Instead of focusing on the tactical and administrative requirements of filling out forms on the first day of employment (which remain important tasks to complete), onboarding is about how to make an employee a productive and contributing member of an organisation or team. This includes aspects such as seeing how his or her work tasks fit within the larger mission and vision of the organization or team, and the ability to competently navigate the organisational culture.

We explore the principles of onboarding new employees in this document, including:

  • What it takes to develop a new employee into a productive and contributing member of an organisation or team.
  • The research on onboarding, and how onboarding impacts rates of employee turnover.
  • Onboarding practices that are ineffective, which undermine the opportunity with each new employee.
  • Steps in designing an effective onboarding process for new employees.
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