PLAN for your change project & Consult

Create the foundation of your own plan using our configurator. Based on your input the Table Of Content is created and automatically the appropriate chapters are filled in with appropriate templates, information and checklists from our knowledge base. If you have doubts what to select, ask our PACE BOT to guide you.

Using the company colour energy, we can plot your company's culture to the most dominant culture in your organisation:

  • Command & Control culture
  • Execution culture
  • Innovative culture
  • Community culture.

Every organisation is a unique blend of these cultures. But the dominant and least dominant culture from your assessment will show what works (our do's) and will be contra-productive (don'ts) in your approach to become a collaborative business. You can import the outcome of your Collaborative Culture Assessment to prefill our advice and best-practices for your culture.

Based on the configuration of the Table Of Content and additional information your personal PACE PLAN is created and shared as your personal draft. This editable Microsoft Word document has all the required chapters, appendixes and checklists for your change project. You can change all content, fill in the blanks and even apply your own styling to let it truly become your plan.

After you have filled in the different chapters it is time for an expert review. Upload your PACE PLAN for review in the PACE Online platform where one of our PACE Practitioners will review it and discuss it with you during a 1-on-1 web meeting. Based on this feedback you can update your document and upload it as the main version. Optionally you can then convert your plan to a Project Dashboard to track all streams, create and share a progress report.

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