Collaborative Culture Assessment - Personal Edition

The Collaborative Culture Assessment is a method used to profile an organisations culture and predict collaboration behaviour based on individual assessments using an online survey. It uses a proven psychological model and logic based on the work of Carl Gustav Jung and Daniel Ofman, experience with hundreds of companies worldwide and more than a decade of research & development by internationally acclaimed collaboration experts associated with PACE. The computer-generated profile will first describe the organisation as a person based on the total survey. Then it will plot the outcome of specific questions on eight different collaboration personas. Based on this, the core quadrant will give a compass of qualities, pitfalls, challenges and allergies. The outcome plotted on the four standard company culture definitions, leads to specific advice for running an implementation project within the organisation and tips for the required change management to reach maximum user adoption.

We will invite you to participate in the Online Collaborative Culture Assessment. This process will guide them through our proven and userfriendly wizard asking direct and indirect questions about your company's culture and collaboration behaviour. Based on the respondent’s assessments you will receive the Collaborative Culture Profile for your overall organisation and specific departments and/or regions. This computergenerated 10-page profile describes your organisation in an at least 90% correct text page, colour rating and culture charts on the company, priority ranking on personas based on the culture plot, the core quadrant for your organisation, do's and don'ts for the real implementation and change management. Finally, it shows you how to improve the balance in your company between Introvert versus Extravert and Thinking versus Feeling during the Enhance phase.

After you have filled in the assessment it is time for an expert review. One of our PACE Practitioners will review it and discuss it with you during a 1-on-1 web meeting. Based on this feedback you can choose your adoption strategy.

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