SharePoint Saturday Omaha: Co-author documents, collaborate and communicate with Office 365

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Another appointment with SharePoint Saturdays! Our world tour is more and more exciting! This time we will go to present the session “Collaborate to Co-Author Documents using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office” at SharePoint Saturday Omaha on 3rd August. 

About SharePoint Saturday Omaha

Join SharePoint end users, power users, architects, developers, administrators, and other professionals who work with Microsoft SharePoint for the 7th annual SharePoint Saturday – Omaha on Saturday, August 3, 2019, at Mammel Hall on the University of Nebraska – Omaha campus.

SharePoint Saturday will be an educational, informative, and lively day filled with sessions from respected SharePoint professionals covering a wide variety of SharePoint-oriented topics. SharePoint Saturday is FREE, open to the public, and is your local chance to immerse yourself in SharePoint!

There are 25 sessions planned in 5 tracks (IT Pro/Power User, Developer, End User/Business User, SharePoint 101 and Office 365) plus a keynote. There is also a vendor track for those interested in learning more about particular products.

About Sasja Beerendonk’s Sessions

Session 1: “Collaborate to Co-Author Documents, using Microsoft Teams & Microsoft Office”

Learn how you can be more effective in ‘Co-authoring documents’ using a mix Office 365 apps OneDrive, Teams and Office.
This session explains how the complete reviewing process (draft – collaborate – publish) can be done smarter and with a lot more fun by using a mix of great features in Office 365 tools.

Have you ever gotten lost in all the feedback and reviews done on one of your documents? Likely there were many emails with copies of the file, and different people giving their feedback using different tools and options. It’s a mess, and hard to finalise your documents.
There are many apps and possibilities in Office 365 to make co-authoring a smooth and effective process. But many employees lack the digital skills, or are stuck in old habits and using outdated tools.

This session goes beyond the real-time co-editing feature possible in Office Online or sharing a file through OneDrive. It focusses on a real-to-life work scenario, where people discover what a combination of Office 365 tools can do to improve their everyday work.
Learn how teams can re-think the tools and practices they use today and how they can work together efficiently on documents with all the great new features of Office 365 to achieve a better process and result.

Session 2:Create a solid communication plan for Microsoft Office 365 implementation projects”

Have you ever experienced the implementation of new technology, and found people were not aware of what was happening, or when, or what they needed to do? Or worse: there was no understanding of why we are even doing this? According to George Bernard Shaw, Irish poet “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

This session is about doing communication in user adoption of your Office 365 & SharePoint implementation right. User Adoption is about combining many aspects. Some of these are: project guidance, setting outcomes and measuring results, or learning strategies. And communication is one of them too.

Learn how you can develop your communication plan, execute your plan by setting the right scene and context and capture and share stories of success. Start with why, and then create your messaging to achieve changes in mindset, behaviour and actions using different communication channels and aimed at different target groups.

See practical examples from customers to introduce the change, trigger new ways of working, to explain the new tools and features and inform on what-when-where. You will walk away with a clear recipe to mix your own communication cocktail.

Register now, it’s free!

If you cannot physically attend, don’t worry! We will share as much as possible the experience with you through our slide share and Microsoft Teams Live Event. So stay tuned!

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