SharePoint Saturday Charlotte: We've got Office 365, so now what?

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About SharePoint Saturday Charlotte 

Office 365 administrators, end users, architects, developers, and other professionals that work with Microsoft SharePoint & Office 365 Technologies will meet for the 7th SPSCLT event on August 10th, 2019 at UNC Center City.
This event will cover a wide number of Microsoft technologies including:
  • Office 365
  • SharePoint (on-premises and online)
  • Microsoft Teams
  • PowerApps
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Yammer
  • and more
This is a free event with lunch provided and after event networking. Reserve your seat here.

About Silverside at SPS Charlotte

Session: “Help!! We’ve got Office 365, so now what?!”

Office 365 is a wonderful, yet fragmented collaboration platform. Microsoft provides many options for doing things with similar apps.
The question about when to use which of the more than 20 apps in Office 365 is confusing users. They are confused about which apps they should use for what purposes and how. Employees are overwhelmed with all the possibilities of often overlapping and seemingly disconnected apps and features that are not presented in a way that makes sense to users for doing day-to-day business.

This session will guide IT-professionals, change practitioners and business decision makers with a collaboration framework that helps understand when to use which app.

Without proper guidance, employees will find it difficult to understand where to find a particular conversation, or where to go for sharing a file with someone. Unless this is communicated well, they will get confused. And frustrated. Then new ways of working are not adopted, because employees fall back on old ways of working – primarily using email for everything.

There have been many blogs and sessions on helping organisations to make sense of ‘when to use which app’. These generally are based on a use case approach, where features are simply mapped to apps; or persona-based which link audiences (who you want to collaborate with) and audience-sizes to apps; or process-based, which links apps to a specific stage in the collaboration process.
All of these are good to describe what apps and capabilities are available now, and explaining to people literally when to use which app: What features you need? Which app for collaborating with 1, multiple or large groups? In what stage of a process are you (idea, initiation, draft, publication, etc.)? But they do not guide employees in their day-to-day work. And what when a new app is added to the Office 365 suite?

The collaboration framework presented here is your compass that will help you decide on when to use which app, and for what purpose, in a manner that works now, and along the road. When Microsoft presents new apps and features the collaboration framework will be your northern star. It’s easy to use for decision making by the implementation project team, and also for communicating to and training your employees, ensuring higher user adoption.

Register to the event, or if you cannot attend, stay tuned for updates!

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