Running a project: How to prepare?

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Once you realize that you and your team are about to work on a new project, having a concrete plan is essential. A lot of strategies based on project management claim that working on a project must be clear, with concrete steps and, most importantly, everyone within a team needs to know their tasks and responsibilities.
Projects vary greatly in scale and scope, but share common characteristics, such as a specified output, an end signal, and the involvement of multiple people working interdependently over an extended time period. Ongoing coordination is required to keep the right people working on the right tasks at the right time in the right way.




Since running a project is almost a daily practise, let’s have a look how to prepare for it and make things easier.

1. Define the main goals. You need to have clear goals that you want to achieve, this allows you to evaluate the success of the project after it is over.

2. Determine what resources you have: you have to evaluate all types of resources you have for the project. From your budget to human resources. This allows to evaluate the time you need to finish the project.

3. Determine the time line of the project. Normally there is an external timing that influences the work on a project. However, once you evaluated the recourses you have you can see if that fits within the timeframe you have.

4. Evaluate on what other aspects your work is dependent. Any big project has some external aspects that might have some influence such as other smaller projects or tasks that are related to the project.

5. Have some smaller deadlines. Breakdown a project into some smaller tasks and set up a deadline for all of them. This helps to make sure that you are in control of the time.

6. Ask for a feedback. It is always better to know if a project is going to the right direction. Ask for a feedback of whom you are completing a project for in different stage of the work. This makes you feel more secure that you are doing exactly what you need to.

7. Have a good plan. Once you have a good clear plan what you will have to do is to follow that plan. Do not forget that some problems can appear, but with a good plan this may cause only some adjustments to the whole process.

The right preparation for running a project brings success. You can find more information how to prepare for a project in the article Running a project using Office 365.