QuickHelp: a learning tool for all employees

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Silverside is proud to be the first company based in The Netherlands to collaborate with BrainStorm,  providing our customers with a great tool: QuickHelp.

The BrainStorm QuickHelp™ Program is a Microsoft-sponsored project created to help end users, all levels employees and also managers to be more satisfied and efficient while using technologies.

By subscribing to the QuickHelp program,customers will receive company-wide access to the QuickHelp platform. This inspires the whole organization to achieve the maximum productivity, by engaging users and improving user adoption and learning.

What are QuickHelp Customer’s Benefits?

  • Drive adoption and usage of Office 365
  • Work smarter and more efficiently with Microsoft applications
  • Reduce help desk and training costs
  • Increase employees engagement
  • Ensure employees life long learning
  • Maximize software investment
  • Increase organizational productivity and effectiveness

Here are listed only some benefits. Find out what other benefits QuickHelp offers you. Every person can see different advantages, because this program gives you a personalized account. Hence, every person can select topics based on needs, preferences and  interests, from both personal and professional perspective.

What is the benefit of the personalized Quick Help account?

Nowadays business talks a lot about the benefit of collaboration. To have a productive and effective collaboration, we need the right people.  Quick Help offers us a personalized account. Every user has a personal account where your just have your knowledge and select the preferences regarding Office 365 apps. What is more, Quick Help gives bonus points for taking time for learning. By using these points the tool ranks every user.

This allows to find existing experts within your company for different Office 365 apps. Hence, when it comes to collaboration, the right person is the one who can help others the best, because she has the best combination of skills and knowledge on the topic. This is about finding the right person who already has some knowledge on different Office 365 apps and has the possibility every day to learn more by using Quick Help. This person can bee seen as an expert in a particular topic,  and the right person to ask once other employees need some help or advices regarding different topics.


Signing in QuickHelp and personalizing your profile is easy and quick.

  1. Sign in and start personalizing your account. Enter your personal details and a profile picture.


Quick Help

2. Enter your prior knowledge. Select your preferences based on how often you use the apps.

Start learning!