Organizational Culture: Be Collaborative and run the World

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Organizational culture is one of the most complicated concepts for companies engaged in business. Actually, we can consider it as an iceberg. The hidden part is  the inner values, beliefs, underlying assumptions, expectations, collective memories, and definitions. All this results then, on top of the iceberg: the external image of the company, its reputation, work style and outputs.


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Organizational culture is fundamental for everyone working in the company, as it influences every aspect of the organization. But which are the outcomes of a good collaborative culture?

How did Twitter become  the best company of the world ?

The career website, studies every year the reviews of thousands of employers about  companies’ corporate culture and values, with online questionnaires and surveys. In 2014, Twitter received the highest rating in the US, placing first in the ranking, with an average score of 4.5 out of 5. The question is, why Twitter employees gave it such a high score regarding the values and company culture? But, above all, why this first place is so important and which are the consequences? The answer is that Twitter employees refer to the company as“the best place I have ever worked,” and  described it as having an “amazing culture”: rooftop meetings, friendly coworkers and a team-oriented environment in which each person is motivated by the company’s goals. Moreover, workers love being part of a company that is doing something that matters in the world. Twitter created an inspiring company culture thanks to its high mission and values: freedom of expression, shared knowledge, collaboration among employees across the globe, philanthropy, diversity and transparency.

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From this experience, it is clear that it is necessary to build the best company culture in order to achieve the goals. Yet, inspiring employees is fundamental as well. From the employees’ point of view, Twitter gained the international recognition of ‘Best Company’ in 2014 and the related effects on reputation have been hugely positive, also in term of revenues. One of the keys for this successful company culture has been, without any doubt, collaboration.