Onboarding new employees: why it is important?

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Onboarding new employees: why it is important?

Onboarding new employees is one of the most critical cross-functional processes in a company. It is not an easy task to be productive when you just started working at a new company. However, it is even more complicated when a new employee is not provided with some basic devices, such as a laptop or a phone. There are some stories of bad experiences with onboarding where people didn’t talk to their manager for some weeks and had no clear tasks… Why does this matter? A study by the Aberdeen Group found that 86 percent of new hires decide to stay or leave a company within their first six months. This number shows how the right process of onboarding people effects results and reminds that every improvement in onboarding can have a strong positive impact for your organization. In addition, onboarding has the same importance when people are joining new projects or even a new department.

But do you really know what onboarding people is? It is about introducing people to new processes and information they need to have, both when they initially join your organisation and when they move into new projects, departments and areas of contribution. Helping people more quickly get up-to-speed enables them to make a better contribution and be more productive. Giving the new employee a lot of forms, documents to fill in and manuals to read, is not onboarding. Onboarding entails helping new employees acquire the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective organizational members.




How onboarding and productivity is related to each other?

How to be productive when you just started to work at a company? Good information relationship with your colleagues and team is relevant. Many research shows that new employees who have been able to build these information relationships with co-workers, are more productive. They are even more likely to perform better, being also more satisfied with their work.

The mistake that many companies do, is taking the wrong approach towards onboarding. This process is not about tiring trainings and long presentations. Instead, Onboarding means ensuring that every new employee knows all the key people required to get the job done and the goals accomplished. This also includes providing a platform to network with these key people. At this purpose, it is important to mention that social onboarding is closely related to finding the right person, who has the right combination of abilities, knowledge and skills to help or explain you more about a particular task. By doing so, new employees can see the people they are following and groups they are in. Employees can mentor each other and new employees can integrate faster. You can read more about a successful collaboration among employees Work less, do more by finding the right expertise.