Learn how to create the best Office 365 User Adoption Plan

28 November, Rotterdam
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Are you looking for best practices to ensure a better outcome for your Microsoft Office 365 project? Learn how to create your own user adoption plan resulting in maximum adoption of your Microsoft Office 365 platform, using our PACE methodology. 

This workshop is intended for anyone responsible for implementing Microsoft Office 365 / SharePoint. Are you a project manager, IT- manager, change practitioner, trainer, or IT professional who needs to ensure a succesful adoption? Then this workshop is for you!

The workshop will take place on 28th November 2019. The location is Rivium Quadrant 75/5 2909LC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 

About the workshop

The world is changing. The nature of work is changing-organisations, tasks, roles and business models. Markets are changing. But you know this. You hear it every day. You live it every day. You probably struggle with the relentlessness of it every day.-the magnitude, ferocity and complexity of it all. 

At Silverside, we have developed a way to make change happen. Happen well. Happen appropriately. Happen in the right direction, for the right reasons, and with the right outcomes. This struggle was the genesis of our PACE methodology-a structured approach for guiding practitioners to motivate and equip their people to collaborate more effectively using modern tools. 

The PACE methodology is based on one key insight: adoption of modern tools is not about one thing. That’s because there are multiple things that work together to create the context and cadence of change. Pulling together the insights across those items is essential in getting going, making progress and achieving the right outcomes over the duration of the change initiative. Starting is not about any one of those factors (and other related factors or elements); it is about all of them. It’s about developing an understanding of each factor individually, and at the same time being able to see the interrelationships and dynamic between them all. 

PACE model

The PACE methodology is designed to be applicable to any collaboration platform you may implement, however, the technical acumen will be specific to Microsoft Office 365. 

Workshop Agenda

This workshop is intended for anyone responsible for implementing Microsoft Office 365 / SharePoint. Are you a project manager, IT- manager, change practitioner, trainer, or IT professional who needs to ensure a successful adoption? Then this workshop is for you!

08:30 Walk in with coffee or tea

Part I: Setting the stage for the User Adoption Approach

  • Start building the best user adoption approach for your own project, based on your culture.
    4 cultures and 18 strategies explained.
  • Explanation of the PACE User Adoption model for implementing Microsoft Office 365.
    What activities, templates, and strategies do you need to focus on, across 8 streams.
10:30 Break

Part II: Current situation and your ideal situation

  • When to use which Office 365 app? Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Planner, Forms, OneNote, etc. ?
    Faster decision making with our collaboration framework.
  • What are the rules of collaboration?
  • Find your 'Why' and start building a communication plan.
  • How do you find the right ambassadors?
    Examples of customer ambassador & champion programs.
12:15 Lunch

Part III: Creating your User Adoption Plan

  • Start small and scale up.
    • Which productivity scenario's and user groups are you targeting at first?
    • How and when are you scaling up?
  • How, when & what do you communicate?
  • What is your project approach to combine 8 streams to enlarge the scope & scale?
  • KPI Dashboard for successful user adoption.
    What is the ‘cost’ of a high user adoption success rate for Office 365?
15:15 Break

Part IV: Implementing your User Adoption Plan 

  • Create your user adoption strategy mix!

  • Learn about the top 8 productivity scenario’s worldwide.

  • What will you do to make adoption happen more broadly and widely?

  • Divide your budget across all phases and streams.

17:30 Drinks and Bites


Microsoft technology

Top 3 Benefits of attending

  • Create your user adoption plan for Office 365 & SharePoint in your organization by using our PACE methodology
  • Measure  the probable success rate of your user adoption strategies, based on our benchmark 
  • Learn from companies like Omron, SES, Kawasaki, Attero and others in the market, know where to improve your adoption and how to save time and make the change easier

This workshop in your organisation?

It’s possible! We also organise a personalised workshop for your organisation. To request more information about your in-house workshop, click the button below. 

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