My first week using Microsoft Teams mobile app

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My first week using Microsoft Teams mobile app

A couple of weeks ago I got a new phone and I decided to download the Microsoft Teams Mobile App. For one week, I monitored and observed how the working experience with the Teams Mobile App was changing, highlighting the positive and negative micro-changes. My experience is recorded in this blog.

First Actions

microsoft teams mobile appIt is of course very easy to download the Teams App for mobile. Since I have an iPhone, I went to the App Store and downloaded the free Teams App.

An important step after the download is completed, is to insert the credentials of your organization to sign in. After that, you can start working and using the full potential of Teams. So, one positive aspect is certainly the fact that it is extremely easy to set up and get started!

What’s more, if you are using Teams in different organizations, also in your mobile app you can easily switch among different accounts.

In addition, if you do not have an organization account, you can also use the Microsoft Teams Mobile App for free as a private user, but in this case, the functionalities are limited.

Everything you had on your desktop app will be on your mobile!

microsoft teams mobile app

Another important point is that, once you signed in with your organization account, you will find everything you had on your desktop app, on your mobile. This includes files, documents, chats, conversations, teams, meetings, calendar, calls, contacts. Nothing will be missing!

The look and feel will be a little bit different, but according to me, on the mobile app the layout is visually attractive and well organized in a way that helps you visualize your chats and teams, having everything at hand in your phone screen.



Stay connected, stay productive!

We all know that nowadays especially, our phones are becoming an extension of our hands, part of our body. We spend an incredible amount of time using our mobiles and it is rare that an hour passes by without even taking a look at our screen to check the notifications we received. Well, I can quantify the amount of time I spend on my phone by looking at the “Screen time” functionality on my iPhone. According to the analytics of the app, I spend an average of 4 hours on my phone. Have you ever paid attention to how much you spend on your mobile? Well, if not, I advise you to do that.

addiction to phone

Anyway, if we are constantly bringing with us our phone wherever we go and on every occasion, the same cannot be said for our laptop or PC. This is also one of the reasons why I decided to download the Teams mobile app. Since my main channel of communication has become Microsoft Teams (and not emails, great achievement !), having Teams only on my laptop was causing me some communication problems and issues.

Indeed, using Teams desktop version on my PC did not allow me to check always my teams and chats and what was going on on Teams. Many times happened that I missed important conversations. Because of the fact that I was out of the office, without my laptop with me, I saw the notifications only hours or days later. As a consequence, I had to read and go through hundreds of messages, I lost the possibility to express my ideas and I lost the flow of the conversation, feeling actually excluded from that necessary (but not planned) brainstorming session with my marketing team.

Moreover, it really takes time to read an entire conversation, stay updated on the decisions and take the required actions if you are arriving late and losing the momentum. Since I am checking my emails only once a day, the email I was receiving whenever people @ mention me, was not helpful to keep me updated on what was going on in Microsoft Teams across my teams.

productivity rocketBut using now the Teams mobile app helped me to solve these issues. First of all, with the app installed in your mobile, you receive push notifications everytime something happens, someone @mention you, reminders of meetings or calls and so on. Even though receiving a lot of notifications a day can be quite annoying, it doesn’t mean that everytime you see a notification of Teams on your phone you have to open the app. It is very handy for me to receive the notifications because just by taking a quick look at my screen, I can see the preview of what happened and decide the priority or importance of my notifications. In this way, you do not really risk to lose important conversations or actions to be taken with immediacy.

As a consequence, what I witnessed is that my personal productivity really rocketed since when I started using Microsoft Teams mobile app.

It looks like you are working with Facebook or WhatsApp…

Microsoft Teams as a social mediaWorking with Teams mobile app on my phone gives me the feeling I am not actually working. Due to the fact that the look of Teams mobile looks like other social media apps, I associate Teams with other social networks like Facebook or WhatsApp. This makes my work less hard and stressful since I am usually using these social networks apps during my free time to chat with friends or read interesting news. In this way, it is easier to work, because I do not have the feeling that I am busy and working when I am chatting with some clients or colleagues about job-related topics in Teams.

To sum up…

I advise everyone who is using Microsoft Teams as main teamwork and collaboration platform in his organization to start using Teams Mobile App. By doing this, you can:

  • Be more productive
  • Save time, be quick and immediate
  • Always up to date and informed about what happens
  • Have everything you had on your desktop app, on your phone
  • Use the same functionalities as Microsoft Teams desktop app
  • Work and collaboration in an easier and faster way
  • You can work wherever you want (in the train, metro, in a cafe…) without having to take your laptop with you (so no need to carry heavy bags with PC, charger, case etc)

I am really enthusiastic about Microsoft Teams Mobile App and it really helped me boost my personal productivity and improve collaboration and remote work.  This was at least my personal experience, but I am curious to hear your experience using Microsoft Teams Mobile App!

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