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Last week, 26-29 November, the European SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Conference 2018 took place in Copenhagen, at the Bella Centre. Silverside joined the event as one of the sponsors and our team was there to participate in the sessions and manage our booth.
Needless to say that it has been a great experience, difficult to describe with words.

ESPC 2018


Office365 and Copenhagen

More than 2,000 participants from the IT world representing almost 70 international sponsors met in the Bella Center. This was an extraordinary opportunity to enlarge Silverside’s network and gain new insights from the market and the newest tendencies. Having the possibility to discuss our methodology and products with many professionals was an enriching experience from which we learned a lot.

Silverside team ESPC


We had also the great possibility to have contacts and interview amazing people who shared their insights, feedback and point of view about the conference (wait a moment, we are working on editing the videos and writing the blogs!).
But the ESPC 2018 has not only been about networking and exchange of perspectives and ideas. A big part of the conference was dedicated to keynotes, sessions, labs and events. Specifically, six keynotes were held by Microsoft experts. Among these, we found this particularly interesting:
SharePoint, Microsoft 365 and the modern workplace” presented by Jeff Teper (CVP, Office, SharePoint and OneDrive, Microsoft, USA) and Dan Holme (Director of Product Marketing for SharePoint, Yammer and Stream, Microsoft, USA). But the themes of the keynotes were all very interesting, ranging from cybersecurity to engaging solutions for Office 365, Azure and the workloads, Artificial Intelligence.
Almost 100 speakers presented super interesting sessions about Office 365, SharePoint and other apps combing their knowledge with experience and the latest trends like roadmaps, user adoption etc. The number of sessions was really high and it is not possible to list them all.

What we enjoyed: Office 365, user adoption and change management

But, Silverside particularly enjoyed the session held by Christian Buckley “Navigating the Inner and Outer Loops of Office 365”. Finally, a proper session dedicated to the user adoption of Office 365 apps, that addressed the scary question: “When do I use what?”

Christian Buckley


Moreover, what we really liked about his session was the opening. He opened indeed the session showing the coloured bricks of Insights, referring to how important it is to know the company culture and the character, attitudes and ways of working of a team. Indeed, different teams or departments may have different ways of working, different colours (blue, green, yellow, red). knowing this allows finding better ways of collaboration and better tools.
Another point who made us love Christian is because he referred to the inner and outer loops of Office 365, meaning our ME-WE-KEY methodology that answers the question “when to use what”.
In conclusion, we loved this session so much because finally, a Microsoft expert talked to a SharePoint audience about company culture, change management and user adoption for Office 365, contributing in this way to spread awareness among these topics in a very “technical” community.

We, as Silverside, are experts in user adoption and change management for Office 365. However, these are hot topics that are nowadays missing recognition and attention from the market. Luckily the first signs are coming from Microsoft and some space has been dedicated to user adoption and change management also in this year’s ESPC conference. We were waiting for this moment for a very long time. However, what we experienced is that among the IT professionals there is a big need of user adoption strategies and methodologies (even though sometimes people are not aware that what they need is actually called “user adoption”) and they also expected that many sessions would have talked about user adoption for Office 365. Well, the ESPC 2018 met only partially their and our expectations. We hope that next year the ESPC will have a separate track dedicate exclusively to user adoption and change management of Office 365. But for this year, we can close this blog about ESPC with the sentence: “More user adoption and less technology!”

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