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Technology is an evolutionary process. We hear all the time that pace of technology innovation is accelerating faster and faster. The impact of this trend is expanding on an increasing number of fronts. Businesses and companies are not immune of course. What is also confirmed by many researches, is that this proliferation can mask the fact that the rate of adoption for technology hasn’t really increased.


Technology evolution


Business processes have been modified and the possibilities for organizations to work much more efficiently and productively are higher than ever, thanks to new software, platforms, apps and tools available. However, technology is changing so rapidly for organizations and the ability to adopt new technologies is becoming a vital mechanism. What is the value of installing a new tool, if none in the organization knows how to exploit it? Changing the technologies, does not necessarily mean changing the way of working of employees in the organization. And if the adoption rate of the new tools is low, then a good change management and user adoption strategy is needed.

In 2015, Microsoft Office 365 had nearly 50 million monthly active users and with the new updates and functionalities implemented over the past three years, this number rocketed. Most importantly, many organizations around the world are embracing the trend of migrating to Microsoft Office 365, recognizing its benefits and potentialities. What happens in an organization when IT managers say: ”From next week on, we are going to use Microsoft Office 365”? Microsoft Office 365 has nearly 30 apps at the user disposal. How can employees know which app is the best for planning, collaborating, communicating, working in their daily practice? Which app fits the best for the working method and the culture of the organization? How to manage all these changes in a constructive and effective way?

The PACE methodology has an answer for all these questions. With the four phases Plan, Acquire, Change, Enhance, managing the organizational changes in the method of working and in technologies is just easier for managers, consultants and end users. Firstly, be aware of the organizational culture of your company and plan a complete and predictive change management strategy in all the aspects. Secondly, acquire the new collaborative business vision and the technologies necessary to implement the strategy. A user adoption strategy is fundamental at this stage to instill change at every level in the organization. Lastly, optimize the value gained by adjusting the strategy, address key challenges and align with the required business outcomes.

In conclusion, we help Office 365 consultants with a more structured approach to manage change for the end users. Our PACE methodology combined with the right content and expertise makes it easier to become a collaborative business using Microsoft Office 365.

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