Magic and Modernisation (Part 2)

by | Sep 10, 2018 | PACE approach

Magic Moments

Part 1. What If

Part 2. Magic and Modernisation

Our person with the what if idea had had enough of tossing and turning by 4am. The relentless questioning was enough to drive them out from under their warm bed covers. The coffee machine spluttered into life, and a few minutes later a dark brew to match the skyline of the early morning was brewed and ready for consumption under contemplative conditions. And at that early hour, our person with the idea started to think about magic.

A magic trick can’t be created with a single element working alone. Multiple elements have to be brought together to create an effect. Some are hidden by sleight of hand and carefully sequenced preparation, so although the trick might look singular and effortless, many things have to work in coordination – some disclosed, many not. Many things have to be planned and worked out so that the desired effect can be created. The audience might see it merely as an effortless trick, and that was fine at one level, but the reality was that much preparation is required to pull off any trick. That which looks effortless in the moment requires many moments in advance of preparation, learning, and testing.

A journey of modernisation would be similar. Multiple elements would have to come together and be combined in a careful way. A moment of magic with as much flourish and daring as required might be used to set the modernisation in motion publicly, and while some people would write it off as mere sleight of hand, the behind-the-scenes preparation would be intense. And take awhile. Once again, that which seems effortless in the moment is built on a foundation of many hidden moments.

Our person with the idea paused and wondered – what elements would be necessary to set in motion a journey of modernisation?

What indeed?

To be continued …

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