Invitation to Silverside's PACE Workshop

Rotterdam, 7 June
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For the past several years I have been developing, in collaboration with my colleagues at Silverside, the PACE methodology. PACE is a structured approach for guiding practitioners to motivate and equip their people to collaborate more effectively using modern tools, such as Office 365. As in the diagram above, PACE stands for Prepare – Activate – Capitalise – Enhance, which are the four phases in the methodology. The major reason I haven’t written the third edition of my book, User Adoption Strategies, is that my work in the adoption domain is now completely focused on the PACE methodology.

Our initial design for PACE from early 2017 underwent significant stepwise improvement in mid-2018, and we have recently completed a further update to the methodology. I guess you could say that just as we encourage organisations on the journey to more effective collaboration to course correct and adjust based on actual experiences (in the Enhance phase), so we have been taking our own advice and improving the methodology we offer.

Workshop on June 7

Our first public workshop based on the new PACE methodology is coming up, and it would be great to have you there if more effective collaboration is important in your organisation. Sasja Beerendonk, our Senior Consultant, will be presenting the workshop in Rotterdam on June 7. We have the following agenda for the day:

  1. Setting the Stage for your User Adoption Approach
  2. Current Situation and your Ideal Situation
  3. Creating your User Adoption Plan
  4. Implementing your User Adoption Plan

Here are the benefits we see for participants in the workshop:

  • Create your user adoption plan for Office 365 & SharePoint in your organization by using our PACE methodology.
  • Measure┬áthe probable success rate of your user adoption strategies, based on our benchmark.
  • Learn from companies like Omron, SES, Kawasaki, Attero and others in the market, know where to improve your adoption and how to save time and make the change easier.

Does this sound like a day of actionable learning that would return great outcomes for you and your organisation? If yes, please check out the details and get registered.