How We Can Help

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

In any long distance race – be it a marathon, an ultra-marathon, or even the multi-disciplined Ironman – getting your pace right is the key to finishing well. Whether you are running to win, to set a personal record, or running merely for the pleasure of participation, pacing is everything.

In organisational life, the race to transform into a collaborative business is no different. It requires appropriate preparation. It takes time – up to 3 years of continual activity in line with the strategic plan. The progress needs to be measured, every 3 months throughout the journey.

In our experience, many organisations get their pace wrong in the transformation to becoming a collaborative business. They start too fast and run out of energy before completing the race – wasting an opportunity, losing the potential value and de-motivating their employees along the way. Or they start too slow and get left behind in the market, squandering the golden opportunities in front of them and causing disillusionment among employees. And some don’t even start at all…

As experts in the field of transforming organisations into collaborative businesses, we pace champions in business. We:

  • Apply our analytic and diagnostic expertise and our consulting skills to identify the real drivers for becoming a collaborative business. In other words, we get the vision right before the race even begins.
  • Design a race plan for your organisation, taking into account the necessary gear, energy and resources. In other words, we develop a well-balanced 3-year goal/3-month delivery plan for achieving the vision.

Set the right pace for jointly executing the plan, which usually requires starting slower than expected but increasing the pace over the course of the journey (in racing parlance, this is the negative-split strategy). We frequently assess progress against the vision using regular checkpoints, increasing or decreasing pace matching your organisation and its current energy for transformation at each part of the journey.

What We Offer

What is our approach? We make a [P]lan for the change and take action in the [A]cquire phase to make it real with the latest IBM & Microsoft tools. Based on a sophisticated adoption strategy we motivate your people during the [C]hange phase and then provide ongoing support and improvement of the adoption of the platform during [E]nhance. Read more