How to reduce the cost of a user adoption strategy?

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Time is money. Said Benjamin Franklin and he was right. Especially nowadays.

If you think about your work day and all the activities and tasks you have completed… so many things need to be done in a short period of time. user adoption
Indeed, time is precious, so we have to use it in the right way. Hence, managing your time in a productive way, is critical. This is why people are looking for better options and solutions that can allow them to be more efficient. If you are working with your colleagues, which tool is the best for communicating and collaborating? No matter if you are working alone or in a team, time is always precious and working efficiency is always a priority.


How can organizations deal with this challenging demanding environment?

Technology comes to help. For example, Microsoft Office 365 tools are giving new modern ways of working. They enable employees to be more productive, more efficient while collaborating more.
But what happens when these tools are so new for employees? This brings big changes to their working environment and daily routines. And when it actually happens, people are stressed twice: how to meet their deadlines while learning how to work with the new tools?
In general, employees are always stressed about new technologies coming into their workplace. They are worried about how disruptive this will be for them. Usually, they are worried and raising questions like: will I understand the new tools? will I be able to use and work with them?


user adoption


Of course, managers say that they try to help employees to get to know the new tools. They organize trainings, they hire external experts’ trainers, send employees to some workshops. However, much of these trainings are, unfortunately, worthless. According to McKinsey & Co. research, only 25% of respondents to a 2010 survey said that training improved employees’ performance.

And the fear about how the change will affect their job causes reluctance to use the tool or to know more about it, as a result, employee spend more time working on their task because working tools are new and they still haven’t developed skills how to use these tools efficiently. What is more, when tools are new users have to spend long hours in training instead of working on their actual tasks. Lastly, the IT environment is changing rapidly, so what happens…? What you have learned a months ago, can look different today.

Continuous leaning that doesn’t require a lot of time is needed

To encourage your employees to learn how to work with new tools, managers need to provide them with good quality, relevant, always updated learning content that is available at any time. Silverside presents an Office365 knowledgebase QuickHelp.

This is a cloud-based training solution for Office 365 users, that is accessible anywhere at any time, right from within your Office 365 App Launcher. This platform provides always updated information depending on user’s skills and needs
(from a non-advanced user to a very advanced and even technical user.) The majority of content is in short videos (1- 4 minutes) so it is easy to follow.
Every user can find answers to questions or learn something new by taking only less than 5 minutes every day. Using QuickHelp all user aroption employees can be guided with assigned learning paths. It offers a personalized account, where he/she can select learning videos based on their preferences regarding Office 365 apps. This learning platform provides up-to-date information so an advanced user can find new topics, meantime a beginner can follow the full program on a certain topic without having any information gaps.

The strength of QuickHelp is the ability to give personalized, relevant and timely content for its users.

QuickHelp aims at eliminating inapplicable, irreverent content and focuses on those Office 365 tools that you are using.
With this platform user are able to reach the information they need based on their previous knowledge, preferences and, role in the company. And QuickHelp is available 24/7 so employees do not need to sit in a training for long hours.
Join us at our FREE workshop “Office 365 training: 5 min per day to increase user adoption” where our experts will present the changes in the IT world, the changing role of the IT support desk and will introduce the new approach ‘’ fix problems and learn at the same time’’ with QuickHelp.