How to make your employees feel confident about working with Office 365?

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Nowadays, organizations are trying to find the best tools for better collaboration that encourages employees to work together better and more efficiently.
Indeed, nowadays in this complex market will survive those companies that can adapt to a business environment that is changing constantly. Doesn’t matter in which market you work, you have to always be dynamic, growing and learn a lot. Hence, collaboration sounds like the best approach to take and it’s something that we all know is good to do. But it is definitely easier said than done.


Business chooses Microsoft Office 365 tools to introduce new ways of working by collaborating more. Here Microsoft apps as Teams, SharePoint, Outlook come to help. But what happens when these tools are so new for employees?
At first, employees are stressed about new technologies coming into their workplace. They are worried about how disruptive it will be for them. Usually, they are worried and raising questions like: Will I understand the new tools? Will I be able to use and work with them? When employees are told that new technologies are coming into their workspace, they get stressed and feel under pressure. And so, the fear about how the change will affect their job causes reluctance to use the tool or to know more about it.

Another type of issue appears during the time when employees are working with technologies. They encounter different problems such as something isn’t working properly, they do not know how to use the tool, or they want to know more about how this tool can be used more effectively.

This brings a lot of confusion at all levels, confusion in the habits of every single employee and also chaos for the IT support desk that receives thousands of questions.


Luckily, nowadays new tools have been created to help IT support to reduce the number of requests from end users. This is done by providing content that fosters user adoption and helps Office 365 users to find support and the information they need directly, offering also new possibilities of learning.

 Fix problems and learn at the same time with QuickHelp

One of the newest tools is QuickHelp that gives the totally new approach ‘’ fix problems and learn at the same time’’. Yet, the platform is not the solution itself, but a user adoption strategy is needed. In the end, the aim is to change employees’ behaviour: when they have an issue with a tool the first action is not an email to IT support, but finding the answer and learning in QuickHelp.

Workshop Office 365QuickHelp is a cloud based training solution for Office365 users, that is accessible anywhere at any time. This platform provides a lot of useful information for all end-users (from a non-advanced user to a very advanced user.) Moreover, it provides a support for all issues and gives a possibility to learn.

Office 365 training: 5 min per day to increase user adoption

On 8th of October Silverside gives an exclusive workshop ‘’Office 365 training: 5 min per day to increase user adoption’’. Our experts will present the changes in the IT world, the changing role of the IT support desk and will introduce the new approach ‘’ fix problems and learn at the same time’’ with QuickHelp. Join us, it’s free.