How to make IT service desk's life easier?

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Remember the time when you bought your last TV from a shop and you were confused about how to set up channels? What did you do? You called the vendor or manufacturer to help you set up the channels.

However, nowadays the situation is different. No one is answering your calls, the auto machine asks you to specify your question, but the question ’ how to set up channels?’ is not among the options. For a new TV owner, this means a bad customer service. But what happens in the same situation when instead of one TV my company purchased 200 computers with a new software to work with?

In this case for B2B or B2C companies, the introduction of new technologies and new systems brings new challenges and issues. All end users are confused by the new working tools and so they look for help. Luckily, support desks these days have become better in supporting users. This has been made possible by the availability of modern technologies and tools to help customers and make the work of IT desk a bit less overloaded.

What does the help desk do?

Broadly speaking, a help desk provides end users with support and information related to a product or service offered by a company. A help desk’s main purpose is to troubleshoot issues or problems and also guide end users about a product or service such as computers, software, electronic equipment etc.  IT service desk

These days, many corporations and businesses provide help desk assistance and support to customers using a number of channels such as websites, email or instant messaging. In some companies or businesses, there are a number of in-house help desks that are designed to provide guidance or support to employees.
QuickHelp is another tool that helps both IT support desk by reducing the number of help requests and users to fix problems, find information and learn about the tools they are having issues with. How to go from fixing a problem to learning and growing your knowledge? Wouldn’t be great to quickly get the answer by yourself?
Luckily, this is possible. A new platform QuickHelp introduce this new approach toward the issues, it promotes finding the answer by yourself.


Quickhelp is a cloud based training solution for Office365 users, that is accessible anywhere at any time. This platform provides a lot of information that is useful for all end-users (from a non-advanced user to a very advanced user.) The majority of content is in videos, that are shot (from1 to 4 minutes) and very concentrate. It also gives opportunities to sign up for ‘’events’’, webinars with Microsoft certificated trainers where participates can ask questions online.

QuickHelp workshop
By using QuickHelp all employees have a guidance to follow, it offers a personalized account, so every user has a unique account where he/she can select learning videos based on their preferences regarding Office 365 apps. This learning platform provides up-to-date information so an advanced user can find new topics, meantime a beginner can follow the full program on a certain topic without having any information gaps. The most important, all information is accessible at any time and it’s simple to use.

To find out more about QuickHelp join us for the workshop Office 365 training: 5 min per day to increase user adoption.