How to build a learning culture in your workplace?

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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
― Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin emphasized the importance of involvement in learning and nowadays this learning culture is still more than relevant. Technology is disrupting every industry and all areas of our life and work. Technologies bring many opportunities, but also many challenges, people can be replaced by technologies in some cases, but at the same time programs help us to work more efficiently. However, this requires additional skills – a person needs to know how to do a job, but also how to use tools that help them to work faster and more productive.
The problem is that nowadays technologies are so complex that using it causes many issues. This means that what you know is less relevant than what you may learn, and knowing the answer to questions is less critical than having the ability to ask the right questions in the first place. So to build and maintain a learning culture in business is extremely relevant.

Let’s take a look at how managers can support a learning culture.

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Show by example. To encourage employees managers should give a great example first because leaders have a strong influence on the behaviour and performance of their teams.
For example, managers can learn a new skill or work on something that is not related to their work. Stepping out of their comfort zone will encourage employees to do the same. They will be able to see that with curiosity and discipline they can get better results and learn more.

Have curious people around. Managers should select the right people to join an organization. It is said that it’s easier to prevent and predict than to fix and change. When employee selections based on learning curiosity and skills are done properly, training and development becomes much easier. Curious people will bring the learning culture into the team.

Give meaningful and constructive feedback. It is hard to improve on anything when you are unaware of your limitations. Other people can see the same things from a completely different perspective. Unbiased comments can encourage to see new ways of looking into a certain process or a topic and always open some room for improvements.

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Give and reward continuous learning.
Performance is highest when we are not learning. It is hard for employees to find the necessary time and space to learn when they are asked to maximize results. A report by Bersin found that among the more than 700 organizations studied, the average employee had only 24 minutes a week for formal learning.
24 minutes per week is around 5 minutes per day… indeed, not a lot! But what if we say this is enough time to boost your productivity and learn new things? By taking those 5 minutes per day every employee can become a master of a specific topic. However, quality and personalized and timely content are important to make the most out of your learning time.

QuickHelp is a platform that helps user adoption of Office 365. A learning process can become easy and not time-consuming. Five minutes per day for learning can bring amazing results for every employee and business in general. Read The successful key to learn how to use Office 365 to find out how to become an expert in Office365 by taking 5 minutes per day for learning. This article gives a clear explanation of how important it is to have personalized, relevant and timely content to be able to learn effectively.