How can 5 min learning be more efficient than hours in a workshop

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Humans have the great ability to learn . However in order to learn we need additional factors such as motivation, time, quality content, and tools . Yet we are lazy to learn and we generally don’t like changes.
People nowadays are too busy and they are lacking curiosity in additional things outside of their primary role. Consequently, people tend to preserve what they learned and use, instead of learning new things. However, the business environment is constantly changing, and employees are need to learn and develop their skills in working with new tools. There is now a big demand for employees who can demonstrate high levels of “learnability“: the desire and ability to quickly grow and adapt one’s skill in their working life.
The biggest challenge that technologies bring to business is user adoption: getting employees trained on new working tools with the final goal to make them use it in their everyday work. Nowadays the working tools are so complex, that it is more than important to have access to the information you need, instead of knowing everything by yourself.


Time for learning

If you consider innovation to be the means of adapting to the pace of change in the modern world, employee development has to be considered the same. Indeed, research shows that the importance of teaching employees how to work with new tools is as important as making your organization a modern workplace by providing all the collaboration tools.
A recent survey conducted by tech company BMC found that many workers believe it’s the responsibility of their employer to enable them to have the skills they need to thrive in the changing workplace.
Why do they think so? People are focused on their actual role within the organization and do not have the opportunity to take some time for learning. And, indeed, one of the biggest barriers to learning is time. Particularly when you are focused on delivering top levels of performance. This is applicable to all levels of employees, so managers cannot expect employees to devote much spare time to develop new skills. Managers are too busy also to set aside time to learn themselves.
Therefore, it is essential that every employee owns their learning process, while receiving help and support from managers that can manage their professional growth and development.

time for learning


Is time a problem? Not anymore

To encourage your employees to learn, managers need to provide them good quality, relevant, always updated learning content that is available at any time.
Is time the main issue why your employees are reluctant to learn? Silverside has a solution. We believe that by taking only 5 minutes per day to learn, everyone can become a master in Office 365 tools.
How? With the learning platform QuickHelp. This is a cloud-based training solution for Office 365 users, that is accessible anywhere at any time, right from within your Office 365 App Launcher. This platform provides a lot of information that is useful for all users (from a non-advanced user to a very advanced and even technical user.) The majority of content is in short videos (1- 4 minutes).
Every user can find answers to questions or learn something new by taking only less than 5 minutes every day. Using QuickHelp all employees can be guided with assigned learning paths. It offers a personalized account, where he/she can select learning videos based on their preferences regarding Office 365 apps. This learning platform provides up-to-date information so an advanced user can find new topics, meantime a beginner can follow the full program on a certain topic without having any information gaps. Contact us for more information and DEMO.