How to help employees embrace new technologies?

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The biggest challenge that technologies bring to business is user adoption: getting employees trained on new tools of working. At first, employees are stressed about new technologies coming into their workplace. They are worried about how disruptive it will be for them. Usually, they are worried and raising questions like: Will I understand the new tools? Will I be able to use and work with them?  When employees are told that new technologies are coming into their workspace, they get stressed and feel under pressure. And so, the fear about how the change will affect their job causes reluctance to use the tool.

One of the biggest mistakes that companies do when they implement the new technology, is thinking that the date when that technology is introduced, correspond to the starting date of its usage. The key to a successful implementation of the new technology is to involve and train people before they actually start using the tool. They need to understand the benefits, having full support while using it. You can have the greatest technology, but if your employees do not embrace it, is simply a waste of money and time.


Let’s take a look at some strategies that may help employees embrace new technologies.

1. Turn the new technology launch into an event. It is important to make people excited about new ways of working with new tools. Host the special event for the new technology launch and invite all employees to attend. Company leaders have to explain the importance and all benefits of this novelty. By showing employees real-life examples of how the new technology makes their work easier you will arise the curiosity and motivate them to be more engaged.

2. Always remind your employees about the new tool you have. There are some easy and inexpensive ways to keep the new tool as an important topic and remind people the reasons why they should use it. For example, invite all employees to share their thoughts about the new tool on a weekly basis. Or create a post that highlights the most important stages of the development and key events in the adoption process of the new technology.

3. Provide trainings. The company must be aware of the fact that every department might use the new tool in a different manner. Invite your employees to attend pieces of training where experienced users show how they use the new tool.
In order to succeed in implementing your employees to use the new technology, people must understand the importance of it and how this new tool can help them to work more efficiently. The right beginning is to clearly introduce the new tool before the organization actually starts using it. However, the most important stage is to provide all employees the support when they interact with the tool. Managers must be aware of the fact that there are different groups of people that react differently to changes. Hence, it is important to motivate each group differently and appeal to their specific needs and communication styles. The article Rogers Adoption Curve helps you understand your employees introduces these groups in a clear manner.