Getting on-board quickly with QuickHelp

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Microsoft has sponsored an amazing user adoption initiative. The QuickHelp program created and almost instantly updated by Brainstorm Inc. We at Silverside are proud to be the first company based in The Netherlands to collaborate with BrainStorm, providing our customers with this great learning tool. At our company, we recently began using the platform for our own internal user adoption programme.

Every Microsoft user is constantly surprised by new opportunities. Which means we have to discover and explore new functionalities and what normally concerns us the most, are about what we don’t know. However, every functionality that may be making our work so much easier, we just need to know what we have.


Let’s see what QuickHelp offers

Having a platform personalised to your organisation, language and preferences for topics mean you can very specifically find topics (or are offered learning plans) which can be followed when it suits you, skip or watch a video again as you require. Read about the benefits of personalized QuickHelp profile in the article QuickHelp: a learning tool for all employees.

Quick Help


QuickHelp also offers learning events that are regularly planned which you can register to join at a time that suits you. Pick to learn about a topic as you require the skills.

Quick Help


Training videos are generally short 1 – 5 minutes is probably average. There are a number of Microsoft published videos in between those created by Brainstorm as well as regular polls to find out how you are experiencing the information, allowing the platform to improve on what you (or your colleagues) are being offered. Understand what level of expertise you already have or what functionality you are already familiar with. For those of us who prefer keeping a quick guide handy there are guides you can print and keep at hand. Or add them to your favourites and you can review them as required.

Explore Quick Help and make your learning process more interactive and easier!