ESPC 2019 webinar: Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and Office – the ideal threesome for co-authoring documents

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The European SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Conference will take place on 2-5 December in Prague. The programme is already out and it promises to be an exciting conference! But why waiting till December? If you can’t wait to learn, be inspired, open your mind on working with Office 365, then start your adventure now. 

Our senior adoption consultant Sasja Beerendonk will host the webinar Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and Office – the ideal threesome for co-authoring documents on 18th June. Here you have more details.

Date and Time: Tue, Jun 18, 2019, 11:00 AM – 12:00 AM CEST

Webinar Description:  There are many apps and possibilities in Office 365 to make co-authoring a smooth and effective process. But many employees lack the digital skills, or are stuck in old habits and using outdated tools. Many employees never learned about the many new features offered by Office 365 apps. Learn how you can be more effective in ‘Co-authoring documents’ using a mix of OneDrive, Teams and Office features. This session goes beyond the real-time co-editing feature possible in Office Online or sharing a file through OneDrive. It focuses on a real-to-life work scenario, where people discover what a combination of Office 365 tools can do to improve their everyday work on Office files. This is a deep-dive in the complete document reviewing process (draft – collaborate – publish). Learn how this can be done smarter and with a lot more fun by using a mix of great features in Office 365 tools: Different reviewing options, inking, version management, speak to text, translation, thesaurus, conversation in Teams, document sharing, among many other cool features. I will show you how to re-think the tools and practices teams use today, with all the old & new possibilities Office 365 offers to improve the co-authoring of documents groups of people have to do every day.

Key benefits of attending: 
– Get familiar with many Office features you never knew about or didn’t know how they could improve the co-authoring process. 
– Understand the powerful mix of OneDrive, Teams and Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) features to support your co-authoring though the whole process from draft to publication. 
– Help employees by giving them practical productivity scenarios to help them adopt Office 365, and get more productive and efficient in their daily work.  

If you missed it, don’t worry! You can enjoy the content of the webinar in two ways:

  1. Watch the recording of the webinar here 
  2. Access the PowerPoint used during the webinar here 
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